We extend our services to you with the addition of Primeview Windows Collections. The Heritage Collection, The Heritage Maximum Collection and the Classic Collection.

The Heritage Collection is available in 3 1/4 frame series as well as our Heritage Maximum Collection has 40% less frame obstruction creating beautiful views and increased daylight in any opening. Either series can be used for new construction or replacement windows.

The Heritage 3 1/4 Collection has contoured profiles and craftsman finish details that define the look of your home. The Casement , Awning , Low Profile Fixed and High Profile Fixed Window Collection will create a beautiful complement to both the interior and exterior of your home. The Heritage Double Hung window was designed with equal sight lines, hand crafted contours and low profile hardware to create and design the perfect window for you. The Single Hung Window can be used to accent various designs and recreate the perfect style for you. The Double Slider Window can be ordered with a traditional tilt option or with a French tilt feature for maximum ventilation. The Single Slider Window can be ordered as a single Slider Tilt or an End Vent Slider for large openings. The Slider series incorporates the same structural reinforcement as the Hung Series.

The Heritage Maximum 4 1/2 Collection Casement Window and Awning Window provides several Solar Solutions and glass packages available. These windows are available with Triple Pane sealed units which incorporate grilles in one space and retractable mini-blinds in the other. The Low Profile Fixed provides maximum glass and maximum efficiency. This series is best for Transoms and custom shaped windows. The High Profile Fixed creates a seamless combination with opening units and incorporates 11 structural and thermal chambers for superior strength in large openings and maintains low profile frame for added beauty.

The Classic Collection incorporates superior structural integrity along with quality. The Classic Collection has the flexibility to enhance performance and style to your home. This Collection offers a wide variety of window styles,colours and accessory options to add value to your home. There are 18 standard colour choices which gives the ability to custom match any paint colour.

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